Fly Your Registration Rates Through the Roof Using this Impossible-to-miss Registration Form

Attract your potential clients' attention by adding a greeting registration screen that appears right widely on the screen right as they land on your site!

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  • Impossible to Miss

    The registration form appears widely on the screen right after the visitor enters the site and he will need to scroll down to view the content

  • Fully Customizable

    Ability to fully customize the registration form to your needs, including: colors, texts, add a logo / picture and more

  • Fully Cuztomizable No. of Fields

    Ability to add First Name and / or Last Name fields to the registration form or have a one-field only registration form with email field

  • Smart Display Options

    Control when, how many times and to who the greeting registration screen will be displayed using advanced cookie settings

  • Advanced CSS Classes

    Fully to tweak and customize the greeting screen to your needs and tweak the CSS using special CSS classes

  • Real-time Email Validation

    The submit button will become clickable and its color will change from grey to orange only when the email is valid

  • Unique Transaction ID

    Special transaction ID assigned to each registration to enable you to track the amount of new members you get through the plugin

  • Advanced Confirmation Features

    Ability to require email and / or admin confirmation

Wishlist Greeting Registration Integrates with the Top Autoresponders:

Wishlist Greeting Registration integrates with all the autoresponders that integrate with Wishlist Member plugin

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

  • Q.Can the plugin work with other Wishlist Member dedicated registration plugins?

    A.Wishlist Greeting Registration is compatible with all the registration plugins developed by HappyPlugins, including:

    Wishlist Registration Widget, Wishlist Auto Registration, Wishlist 1-Click Registration and the upgrade features in Wishlist Smart Shortcodes Protection Add-On

  • Q.Can I use Wishlist Greeting Registration for paid membership?

    A.No, Wishlist Greeting Registration is for free membership level registrations only. You can use it to register members to your free membership and convert them into paying members in the future. For paid memberships we recommend using Wishlist Auto Registration to automate the registration process completely.

  • Q.How can Wishlist Greeting Registration help increase my revenues?

    A.Wishlist Greeting Registration is very powerful and extremely converting. It can help you grow your email list and build strong online community faster, as the greeting registration screen is the first thing your potential customers will see when they land on your website.

  • Q.Can a user update their first and last name later on (if using the First and Last Name fields)?

    A.Yes, if you choose the form to include first name and last name then they are automatically added to the user profile and these details can be edited later on. If these fields do not exist in the form, the user can enter his profile within WordPress and fill-in these details manually.

  • Q.Since the username is automatically generated to each user, how is it structured?

    A.The auto-generated username can be one of 3 options: The email the user registers with / The prefix of the email/ The first name + last name combination

  • Q.How can free members help my revenues?

    A.Free membership is an excellent way to increase revenues from the back-end. When visitors register to your free membership you have a great opportunity to engage them, build their trust and turn them into buying customers.

  • Q.Does the plugin have any conflicts with other plugins?

    A.As far as we know, the plugin does not conflict with any other plugin as it keeps a very strict code method so the chances that it’s causing any problem are very low.

  • Q.Does the plugin integrate with every membership site platform?

    A.No, Wishlist Greeting Registration is a Wishlist Member dedicated plugin.

  • Q.Do you have an affiliate program?

    A.Yes we certainly do. Find out more here.

  • Q.HELP! I still have questions!

    A.We’re here to help. Feel free to contact us here.

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